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Financial Planning


Astute clients realise that there is more to managing their finances than making investment decisions. Meeting your long-term financial goals requires planning. At iFinancialBlueprint, we offer a number of financial planning services that help you gain an in-depth understanding of your objectives and attitudes as an investor, and help develop the investment strategies that work best for you.

Insurance Planning evaluates your financial commitment to maintain your family's life style and assure that you and your family is financially prudent even when an unexpected event such as illness, injury or disability strikes. We review your plan regularly to ensure all your insurance benefits are updated at all time and appropriate.

Asset Allocation Planning examines your investment objectives and resources against the backdrop of current conditions in the financial markets. Based on your goals and tolerance for risk, our analysis allocates your investment funds among equities for growth, bonds for income and cash equivalents such as money market funds foe safety and liquidity. This customised strategy is designed to help you improve your investment returns within your risk tolerances.

Tertiary Education Planning projects future education expenses and helps you develop accumulation strategies to fund them. The projection of expenses is obtained by using our extensive database of colleges and universities to anticipate the cost of the schools you expect your children to attend.

Estate Planning It is important to have a plan for distributing our asset to our loved ones in an orderly and efficient manner when we are not there to provide for them anymore. This can be achieved in a systematic Estate Planning.

Inheritance Planning, a trust can help you provide for your family's future by establishing an inheritance plan. The Trustee would ensure that your wealth is transferred to your heirs efficiently, privately and according to terms that you specify. Our trust documentation is flexible and can accommodate a wide range of your personal needs.

We know the hard work that is behind the money you've earned. That is why all of our financial planning and investment experience, capabilities and resources are focused on one objective: to help our client, you, to be rich, happy and successful.

Our team of Financial Consultants will serve you as an individual, spending time to understand your financial concerns, hopes and dreams. Then, you will work in partnership to develop a customised action plan toward achieving your financial goals.


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